Your Own Catskills Adventure!

Life is what you make it - so why not have an adventure? The breathtaking mountains in the Great Western Catskills are waiting for you to experience the quiet, the wild, and everything in between. Did you know our area's skilled, licensed outdoor guides can customize your adventure to perfectly accommodate your great idea? Maybe you have a big birthday coming; maybe you want to celebrate an engagement or even a divorce; maybe your co-workers need some time away from the office for a little team building; whatever the reason (just make one up!), a unique, personalized adventure in the Catskills will be an experience to remember! The possibilities are as wide as our mountain views, and our guides are equipped to take care of all the logistics from food to whatever gear you might need.
Will Soter, lead guide at Upstate Adventure Guides, recalls spending a long weekend with a college swim team. "I took them on hikes and we worked on group development and communication through survival skills training. They stayed overnight on a local farm, and we provided gourmet meals for them to enjoy. The team came out of the experience bonded and working together better than ever."
Yoga hikes are one of the most requested outings at Wild Walks Catskills, says guide Marshall Rudd who has 14 years of experience hiking throughout the Catskills mountains. "We take groups of 2-8 out to a great view for meditation and yoga. In winter, snoga (snow yoga) is an option, or just plain snow shoeing! I've also led corporate retreat hikes; one group hiked to the fire tower for a nice meal. My personal favorite are bachelorette hikes, the ladies always have such a great time."

Don't wait - making your own Catskills adventure a reality is easier thank you think! Go on that rugged hike you've dreamed of to explore waterfalls, reservoirs, and mountain peaks with panoramic views. Take in the serenity of our stunning vistas on a yoga excursion. Or bring the family to paddle our rivers and camp by the fire under the stars. We promise, you'll never forget it.

You can get started by contacting one of our outdoor guides!